The post-election mist is beginning to clear


Some of the newspapers have already called it. It's a five year term for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

And that's even before we get any results for the Holyrood elections. Now, the polls have suggested that the SNP would win another outright majority, so perhaps the papers were on safe ground in taking that punt. But there are already some strong indications from around Scotland that the Nationalists are on course for victory.

It looks like the SNP is performing well in the seats it holds, and may be making further progress in first-past-the-post seats Labour still hold. There are also indications that the Tories are doing well, possibly - just possibly - achieving party leader Ruth Davidson's aim of becoming the main opposition party.

It looks very likely for example that John Lamont will hold on to his Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire seat for the Conservatives, for example. And in some seats is seems the contest is now between the SNP and the Tories.

In Dumfriesshire, for example, my colleague Joe Pike says it appears to be a battle between Tory Oliver Mundell - son of Scottish Secretary and Tory MP David - and teh SNP's Joan McAlpine.

And that means that Labour is set to lose that seat, it's safest seat in Scotland, currently held by Elaine Murray.

Elsewhere it appears there is a fight to win the Eastwood seat. A prosperous area on the outskirts of Glasgow it has had a Labour MSP since 1999, though the area's MP Jim Murphy - then Labour leader - lost it in the UK election.

It may be there here there has been a backlash against Labour amid rows over alleged anti-semitism but it also appears to fit into a pattern across Scotland.

Now, it is early days and we don't have any results in yet, but the pattern that the polls suggested would happen appears to be emerging.

A long way to go yet. Individual seats have different polling patterns. But the post-polling mist is beginning to clear.

We'll have a clearer picture soon enough.

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