A591 repairs: How much local stone was used?

The transformation. Credit: Highways England

Highways England has released details about the work that was needed to repair the A591.

The major Lake District route re-opened today, having been badly damaged by Storm Desmond.

Timeline of repairs

  • December 2015 - A591 closes after storm damage. Clean up begins

  • January 2016 - Surveys and design work completed. Construction vehicles move in

  • February 2016 - Work focuses on new 106-metre retaining wall

  • March 2016 - Repairs continue along route, including bridges, walls and drains

  • April 2016 - Stonemasons complete retaining wall

  • May 2016 - Resurfacing takes place along route

  • 11 May 2016 - A591 re-opens

How much stone was used in the retaining wall?

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