Dramatic video shows rescues on flooded A591

Langdale Ambleside MRT Credit: Langdale Ambleside MRT

A mountain rescue team have released dash cam footage taken from one of the last vehicles to travel along the A591, while it was being flooded on 5 December.

The dramatic video shows the view from Langdale Ambleside MRT's Land Rover, as it travels along the road in heavy rain, and then wades through astonishingly high flood water.

The sped up footage shows some of the team's work on the 5 December, when they rescued 25 passengers from a coach trapped in a landslide at Thirlmere.

As you can see from the end of the video, the Land Rover eventually becomes trapped itself by a landslide, showing the extent of the damage to the A591, which re-opened today.

Andy Caple, deputy team leader, was driving the team's other vehicle on that night.

He says they knew they were in danger, but that they were taking "calculated risks" to help others.

Watch ITV Border reporter Katie Hunter's interview with him.