Lake District 'Badgercam' goes live

You can watch badgers all day long... Credit: PA

A live webcam showing a colony of badgers in the grounds of a Lake District hotel is now up and running.

The cete, in the Glen Rothay Hotel and Badger Bar, has a pretty good lot - hotel staff feed them at dusk every day, and they get plenty of attention from the public.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust is helping with the project, which they hope will inform people about Britain's biggest land predator.

Hotel staff say it's not just badgers who are appearing on the feed...

In the grounds live a colony of badgers, and we feed them every night at dusk. You can get quite close and take photos. In summer quite a big group can emerge but just in case you miss them, there is a stuffed one in the bar!

Paul Knowles from Glen Rothay Hotel and Badger Bar