Families across Cumbria will be leaving their cars at home to take part in Walk to School Week, which runs from 16-20 May.

More than 10,000 pupils at 63 schools across the county are taking part in this year’s national campaign, which encourages pupils and parents to go to school by foot, reducing the number of cars on the road.

Last year, the event in Cumbria saved 15,000 car journeys during the week.

Walking to school brings many benefits – it’s good for your health and the environment, and it also means children arrive in the classroom feeling fresh, alert and ready to learn. Even by just walking part of the journey to school is a great way for children, and their families, to keep fit and enjoy the fresh air. It’s pleasing so many schools are again taking part this year, encouraging pupils to come to school either by walking, cycling or scooting.”

Councillor Clare Feeney-Johnson, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for schools

Walk to School Week is run nationally by Living Streets, a charity which campaigns on behalf of pedestrians and encourages more people to take up walking.

One in five cars on the road in the morning rush hour is on the school run. Leaving the car at home, and choosing to walk all or part of your journey means less congestion, healthier children and less stress at the school gates.