Cumbrian mountaineer climbs Everest - for fifth time

Tim Mosedale and his team on Everest

One of Cumbria's leading climbers has completed his fifth summit of Everest.Tim Mosedale, from Keswick, finished the climb and arrived safely back at Base Camp on the mountain yesterday.He was one of dozens of climbers stranded on the mountain last year after one of Nepal's biggest earthquakes sparked a devastating avalanche.In his Facebook post from Everest, Mr Mosedale says that "it was a challenging summit day to say the least."

"It was dark (but with a great moon for a while), cold (bitterly cold), slow (painfully slow at times making it seem even colder), we saw the sun rise, we glimpsed the shadow of Everest being cast way off in to the distance, it got windy and spindrift was being blown everywhere and, having persevered through all that and more, we were granted the chance to stand atop the big mountain.

Tim Mosedale's Facebook post

Back home in Keswick, his father John Mosedale says he believes his son will be aiming for more climbs of the world's highest mountain in future.

"I'm sure he'd like to carry on and reach double figures. He's a bit special. There's not many people like him. I'm always relieved when he's finished his climbs but I'll be more relieved when I see him back in Keswick. It's something on your mind all the time but having the expertise he's got, it would have to be really bad luck for something to go wrong."

John Mosedale, Tim's father

Tim is a professional mountaineer and reached the summit this week as the leader of an expedition of climbers who had paid to reach the top of Everest. Last year he was attempting to reach the top with another group when the earthquake struck, killing 22 people.The total death toll for the earthquake that struck Nepal is estimated at 9,000 people.