Alreet marra how's it gan?

Pupils took part in activities like a rap battle. Credit: ITV Border

Are you feeling in fine fettle after a good day with your marras?

Pupils at West Lakes Academy in Egremont have been hosting a 'Proud to be Cumbrian' day, to celebrate their local dialect.

ITV Border's Hannah McNulty heard some of their favourite phrases... can you understand them (answers at the bottom of the page)?

Year Nine pupils are being taught that in some situations, it's ok to speak in dialect.

Staff say it's all about being proud to be Cumbrian.

We want them to feel proud to be from Cumbria and to know it's absolutely fine to say tret instead of treated when you're talking to your friends. But showing them it's not necessarily ok to use that in your exercise book or in a more formal situation as well."

Carly MacLeod, English Teacher

Couldn't understand what the pupils were saying? Here's a translation:

  • Alreet marra how's it gan? - Hello, how are you?

  • I has bad fettle - I'm not very well

  • Where's oo gan? - Where are you going?

  • As gan town - I'm going to town

Watch more of the Cumbrian dialect - including a rap battle - in Hannah McNulty's full report.