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Appleby Horse Fair: Police praise gypsies, travellers, visitors and locals

Police have been thanked for swiftly responding to incidents on Saturday. Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria Police have praised gypsies, travellers, local people, and visitors to this year's Appleby Horse Fair.

The numbers:

Caravans were at the Fair
Fewer than last year
Of the caravans were bowtops, or traditional horse drawn carts
Increase on last year

Cumbria Police were called to a number of incidents on Saturday, but have praised everyone involved in the Fair for a relatively trouble free year.

We praise the local community, Gypsies and Travellers and visitors for their continued tolerance and support.

Going forward, we ask Gypsies and Travellers, the local community and especially visitors to Appleby Fair, to stay safe around horses. We need people who bring horses to Appleby Fair to exercise them responsibly, by showing due care and consideration to the people and traffic around them.

We ask motorists to be aware of slow moving traffic and increased congestion in the Appleby area over the next few days.

– Superintendent, Mark Pannone, the Gold Commander for Cumbria Police at Appleby Fair

The gypsy and traveller representative on the Multi Agency Strategic Co-ordinating Group (which ensures security at the Fair), has also thanked the police.

This year’s Fair has been really enjoyable, people have loved the warm weather and atmosphere. All has been peaceful and quiet on Fair Hill the traditional stopping place for Gypsies and Travellers at the Fair.

Cumbria Police should also be thanked for how they tackled the public order incident on Saturday on the Market Fields which maintained public safety and made everybody feel safe. All the plans MASCG has put in place for this year's Fair have gone well, and I would like to thank the local community and Gypsies and Travellers for their support.

– Gypsy and Traveller representative on MASCG, Billy Welch

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