Residents fear loss of woodland

Craggy Wood Credit: ITV Border

There's anger in the village of Staveley near Kendal as the Lake District National Park Authority is considering selling a popular wood.

Craggy Wood is just one of the latest plots of land the Authority says it would like to sell.It's a thick woodland of deciduous trees covering steep crags of carved rock that give it the name Craggy Wood.

It hangs over the village of Staveley and is a popular place for locals to walk. Many are angry the National Park might sell it.

The National Park Authority owns just four per cent of the Lake District and it wants to own even less. But it's last attempts to sell seven plots of land were met with fierce opposition.

However, since the land can't be built on and the public rights of way can't be removed, there aren't many commercial reasons to buy the land and so it only managed to sell four of those properties, three of which were woodland.

But the National Park says that's not why it's thinking of selling this one.