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Where can you 'catch em all' in Cumbria?

Tell us whereabouts in our region you've been catching Pokémon. Credit: PA

As the Pokémon Go craze sweeps across the region, we're asking where the best places are to catch them.

If you know of a key Pokémon hunting spot, please do let us know on our Facebook page, Twitter, or at

We'll post some of the best spots below - but it goes without saying, please take care to remain safe while playing.

  • Carlisle

We asked Stephen Burns, who runs the PokémonGo Carlisle Facebook page, for some tips on where to "catch em all" in the city.

He told us that Bitts Park is one of the hotspots, with a large number of Pokestops and plenty of Pokémon.

Parts of Rickerby Park are also popular, and rarer Pokémon have been known to appear around the Cathedral.

Anyone hunting Pokémon in these areas should put safety first, and do so in groups.

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