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Have your say on Cumbria Police in annual survey

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Cumbria Constabulary is asking people for their views on the service the force provides and what its priorities should be.

The constabulary's 2016 consultation survey is available online and takes around ten minutes to complete.

The survey, which closes on 31 August, aims to find out:

  • How safe you generally feel.
  • What you think the main policing issues in your community are.
  • How confident you are in Cumbria Constabulary.
  • If you have contacted the Constabulary how satisfied you were with the service you received.
  • If you have experienced a crime and did not report it to the Constabulary – why not.

“I'd urge local people to fill in this survey – it is very important to us to understand what communities in Cumbria want from their local force. We are keen to know how people found the service when they contacted the Constabulary so that we can try to improve the policing service we deliver.

“Your response will inform future policing in the county. This will help us to improve and to continue to provide the best policing service we can afford.”

– Jerry Graham, Chief Constable Cumbria Police

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