Jamie Reed MP: 'Red Tories' will decide the next general election

Jamie Reed speaking at Prime Minister's Questions. Credit: ITV Border

Copeland MP Jamie Reed, a vocal opponent of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership, has called for the party to 'embrace the red tories' he believes will decide the next general election.

Speaking on [**Heat Street**](http://Jamie Reed speaking at Prime Minister), he claimed that Keir Hardie, the Labour Party's founder and first member of parliament, would have 'loved the opportunity to compromise' in order to achieve social democratic policies:

The Copeland MP, who started his career in the Sellafield press office, has vehemently opposed Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, which is supported by the majority of Labour's members and Constituency Labour Parties.

This has led to accusations of him being a 'red tory'; a derogatory term meant to accuse others of being opposed to Labour's core values.

However, Jamie Reed has claimed that the term should refer to those who believe in compromise in achieving their aims:

The result of the current Labour Leadership Election, contested by Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith, will be announced on 24th September at a special conference in Liverpool.