Woollen Mill trial continues

Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop in Langholm Credit: ITV Border

A trial continued today into allegations that Langholm-based Edinburgh Woollen Mill had sold mislabelled scarves as 100 percent cashmere.

Today the Sheriff at Dumfries lifted restrictions meaning that court details of the case can now be reported for the first time.

The firm is accused of selling two cashmere scarves that later tests showed could have contained other materials.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill had tried to ban reporting of court proceedings until after the trial had ended.

In court today lawyers acting for the company argued that such reporting might harm sales into their Cashmere products in the run up to Christmas.

They also said that media reports before the trial had concluded could affect expert witness testimony.

The court heard there was conflicting evidence from the two firms which had tested the original scarf samples.

But the judge, Sheriff George Jamieson, said that any harm to the company's reputation was not grounds for preventing media reports.He also said such reports could not prejudice the trial and lifted the ban.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill has pleaded not guilty to charges under the Textile Markets Labelling regulations involving a cashmere scarf falsely claimed to be 100 per cent cashmere on each occasion on February 18 and June 24, 2014 at the former store in Church Place, Dumfries.

The case is continuing.