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Police investigate hospital death

44-year-old Sharon Rose Grierson Photo: Cumbria Police

Police in Cumbria are investigating the death of a woman after being contacted by the coroner.

The woman died at the Cumberland Infirmary last Monday. She's been named as Sharon Grierson - a 44 year old mother of four, from West Cumbria.

Cumbria Police say the investigation is at an early stage, and they cannot make any further comment.

Sharon was originally from York and is the mother of Thomas, aged 26, Emily 18, Benjamin 16 and Samuel 15.

“Sharon was a cherished mother whose children were her world - she called them her heartbeat.

“She worked tirelessly to ensure their happiness both in and out of the family home was complete and her pride in the kids was apparent in every way. Sharon was a happy and content mummy.

“Our mum was our best friend and, in the last few years, we had become as thick as thieves.

“She was always there with a smile, never failing to make each one of us laugh and know we were loved unconditionally. She was loved by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her and had such a big heart that held a place for everyone close to her.

“She was a joyful and happy person, who couldn’t help but take in strays. She was determined and completely stubborn and a lot of people knew that! And just like the rest of us, she was a little bit crazy.”

– Sharon Grierson's family statement

“I love my mum more than the world and the stars and I’m so happy I’m the person I am and the person she wanted me to be.

“She’s left me with a million memories that I will cherish, and I’m happy that I had the time I did with my mum.

“There’s little bits of mum in all of us, from the things we say and the actions we take to the music we listen to and the books we read. She was my rock, and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

“I will always remember and cherish my mum and I will love her forever.”

– Emily Grierson

“My sister was my best friend. We lived miles apart but spent most school holidays together and raised our children together.

“We spoke on the phone daily for up to three hours and people always asked how we found so much to talk about.

“She was my big sis, my advisor, my calm place and my go to ear when I needed comfort. Sharon has been the kindest, happiest and funniest sister and I will treasure our time together always, she has left me with a lifetime of memories which make me smile from early days and her rocking out to Def Leppard’s Hysteria album in her primrose bedroom to her looking after me after illness and making me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry.

“Sharon had a history of ill health but tackled it head on. As with all things in life, she would find a positive thing to say instead of dwelling on the negative and she has been truly inspirational in her approach to life.

“My sister is present in all of her beautiful children who have approached her sudden passing with strength and courage that is a true inspiration to all of us dealing with the loss of my beautiful sister.

“Sharon was sister to Andrew and Daryl who are devastated at losing her.

“Sharon was the beloved daughter of William and Rose who have stayed by her bedside throughout this. She passed away with all of her children present and her loving parents by her side.

“Sharon will always inspire us to be the best that we can be and has highlighted how special our family is. Dignified, unique, happy, love and kindness come to mind but the reality is that even a million words would not be enough to describe this wonderful woman.”

– Kristie Steele, Sharon Grierson’s sister