Floods anniversary: The Cumbria floods in numbers

Credit: PA

On 3 December 2015, flooding hit parts of west Cumbria.

It was the start of four days of chaos, and heroism, in the Border region, as thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed by Storm Desmond.

Here's a breakdown of the real cost of the flooding to Cumbria:

This includes costs for repairing damage to homes and businesses, and key infrastructure like roads and bridges.

  • £2.3million - value of community grants awarded so far to all flooded household - around £500 per home.

  • £3.2million - value of flood resilience grants awarded so far to individual home owners - £5,000 per home.

The storms caused major structural failures to the A591, which was closed for 5 months. Credit: ITV Border

The storms caused 'major structural failures to the A591, A592 and A686.

  • 49 roads closed due to flooding

  • 23 carriageways and slopes completed to date

  • 97 road repairs currently in progress

  • 170 carriageways and slopes scheduled for repair in 2017/18

  • £25m to be invested in 2016/17 for highways & structural repairs

  • £45m estimated to be invested in 2017/18

  • £47m estimated to be invested beyond 2017/18

557 bridges were damaged by Storm Desmond. Credit: ITV Border
  • 130 repairs have been completed as part of the 2016/17 programme of works.

  • 327 bridges require repair works in 2017/18.

  • The remaining 100 bridges will be completed in 2018/19.

A £45million investment to continue aiding flood recovery will be made next year. Credit: ITV Border

What's next for Cumbria?

Cumbria County Council says it will be working consistently over the next 2 years, in designing and constructing stronger and more resilient assets.

There are currently still 8 roads and 12 bridges closed.

A total of 327 bridges will undergo repair works in the 2017/18 work programme.

A £45million investment to continue aiding flood recovery will be made next year.