Residents take flood protection into their own hands

Celia's kitchen is now on the first floor. Credit: ITV Border
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A year on from the floods that swept through Cumbria and the south of Scotland last winter, many residents are taking flood protection into their own hands.

Millions of pounds have been spent on flood defences across the region, but with the Environment Agency conceding that it could all happen again, some people are taking action to protect their own properties.

Take Celia Burbush - she's turned her house upside-down to try and minimise the damage from future floods.

After her Cockermouth home flooded in December 2015, six days after she moved in, she replaced her downstairs kitchen with a bedroom and put the kitchen on the first floor.

Celia is one of a number of flood-hit homes and businesses taking self-protection measures.

The Trout Hotel in Cockermouth is looking at spending between £250,000 and £300,000 on a series of barriers and other defences to protect the doors and windows of the building.

The Trout Hotel in December. Credit: ITV Border

The owners of The Trout Hotel say after being left with no insurance following two serious floods, it might not survive another flood.