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'Rain not to blame' for Carlisle floods

Carlisle under water after Storm Desmond Photo: Press Association

A new report from Carlisle Flood Action Group says a lack of river maintenance was to blame for Storm Desmond flooding the city.

'Storm Desmond Carlisle 12 Months On' claims poor management caused 'a build-up of accumulated gravels and thereby forcing rivers to flow higher in their channels than they used to.'

Carlisle Flood Action Group was formed in January 2016 following a community meeting involving flood-hit residents with the aim of investigating how the floods occurred and identifying what could be done to prevent it happening again.

It published the report to mark the Storm Desmond anniversary and highlight what action it believes now needs to be taken.

The report calls for any future action to be implemented across the whole of a river's catchments and backs an idea to create a new flood authority separate from the Environment Agency.

The full report is available to view below.

Storm Desmond Carlisle 12 Months On