New Trust appointed to look after Rhymers Tower in Borders

Scottish Borders Council say a new trust will take care of Rhymers Tower Credit: Scottish Borders Council

A new trust has been assigned to look after one of the Scottish Borders' historic sites.

The unnamed Trust, consisting of three local ward members, will look after the Rhymers Tower in Earlston.

Councillors Iain Gillespie, Jim Torrance and David Parker released the following joint statement:

We are pleased to take up the role of trustees of Rhymers Tower, which is of historical importance locally. It is highly likely that we will ask other community representatives to join the trust... ... the revival of the trust will enable us to retain ownership of the tower and manage and preserve this piece of local history for future generations.

Rhymers Tower Trust members

The council says the new Trust will own the Tower and will handle land and access issues as well as the tower's repairs.