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'If in doubt, keep cold callers out' say Police Scotland

People are feeling increased pressure to accept work from cold callers Photo: PA

"If in doubt - keep them out" is Police Scotland's message to homeowners receiving unwanted cold calls.

This comes after an increase of such calls in the Galloway area, offering work services such as roof repairs and driveway cleaning.

Police say they have received an increase in the number of the following kinds of complaints:

  • Pressure to accept work
  • Harassment
  • Undue influence to enter into agreements and contracts
  • Inflation of final prices
  • False claims of services provided

Police Scotland and Trading Standards are advising the following to homeowners who feel confronted by cold callers:

  • Do not feel pressurised into agreeing work
  • Do not agree to buy from the first person who calls
  • Do not pay cash up front
  • Do shop around if you decide you need work done
  • Do report them through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111