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£15million EU flood fund spent on paying off Labour fine

Photo: PA

Part of a £15million flood recovery fund will not be spent on flood repairs in Cumbria.

Britain has been given the money from the European Union to tackle the problems caused by Storm Desmond.

In 2007, the Labour government received money from the same fund but misspent it on other projects, according to the EU.

The UK government has now received a £15million fine for that breach of the fund's rules.

The current administration has decided that the money will be used to repay the fine, rather than spent on flood repairs.

Labour’s careless spending and the Conservatives’ mean-spiritedness have combined to deprive flood-hit areas of much needed funds.

“The government have left bridges unbuilt, communities isolated and because the TV cameras moved on, so did they.

“Labour’s overspending has hurt the North and all those affected by last year’s floods.

“But it is the Conservative’s mean-spiritedness which means they have chosen to use this money to pay the fine, instead of passing this money onto flood-affected areas and paying the fine from Treasury coffers.”

– Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats and South Lakeland MP