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Police 'offer to pay' after explosion blunder

The vehicle. Credit: Times & Star

Police have offered to pay for damage mistakenly caused to a man's car, according to his sister.

A controlled explosion took place after officers raised suspicions about the silver Vauxhall, which had been left outside Workington Police Station for almost a week.

However, it later transpired that police officers had in fact parked it there, to help out the owner who had fallen ill.

The man's sister has told ITV Border exclusively that her brother, who is 70, fell outside the Carnegie Theatre in Workington last Friday and his car was driven by an officer and parked next to the police station.

She said her brother suffered a heart attack and is recovering at the Cumberland Infirmary, and that the police apologised to him in person this morning, and told him they'd pay for the damage to the car, which is estimated at around £400 to £500.

I'm quite annoyed about it and it's very distressing for my brother.

– Sister, speaking exclusively to ITV Border

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