Chapelcross fire engines donated to international charity

One of the donated fire engines Credit: Magnox Ltd

Two fire engines from the Chapelcross nuclear site have been donated to the International Fire and Rescue Association (IFRA).

The IFRA is Scotland’s largest international fire service charity and was set up in 2002 to assist fire and emergency services worldwide.

It helps firefighters and emergency services in countries affected by war, civil unrest and those unable to provide a fire service of their own by providing vehicles, equipment, advice and training.

The two fire engines, that were no longer needed at Chapelcross near Annan, along with 28 breathing apparatus sets and 34 spare cylinders, will be used initially to provide training in March to firefighters from four countries who are attending IFRA’s training and resource centre in Fife before being exported to Bosnia and Mexico.

“It is fantastic that vehicles and equipment that have been identified as surplus to requirements at Chapelcross site and across Magnox can be put to such good use through IFRA, helping to provide a safer environment for communities in different parts of the world.”

Karen Bratton, Chapelcross Infrastructure Manager

“As a small charity we have to work extremely hard to provide this service, unlike larger charities who receive funds from various sources.

Jake Anderson, a retired local firefighter from Dumfries and member of IFRA