Four-year-old 'Spiderman' rescued in Dumfries

Kroy went for an adventure on his scooter. Credit: Police Scotland

A four-year-old boy who went missing in Dumfries while wearing a Spiderman top, has been found following a social media appeal.

Kroy, who lives in Birchwood, was playing in his garden while his granny washed the car, when he decided to venture further afield on his scooter.

He was found to be missing a short time later and the alarm was raised, and police posted a social media appeal complete with a description of the fact that he was dressed as Spiderman.

Kroy was wearing a Spiderman outfit. Credit: Roland Weihrauch/DPA/PA Images

The post was shared hundreds of times on social media, and after a number of people got in touch to say they'd seen him, police were able to find Kroy at the railway station in Dumfries - more than a mile from his home.

He was spotted there by Heidi Guenther, after her own 11-year-old son told her about the social media appeal.

His relieved mother Kirsty picked him up and he was returned safely home.