'Lives saved' in Air Ambulance plasma trial

The trial has been successful. Credit: GNAAS

Lives were saved during a trial in which blood plasma was carried on-board the region's Great North Air Ambulances, according to the charity that runs them.

Data has been analysed from five months of the 'Blood on Board' trial, where defrosted fresh frozen plasma is ready for quick blood transfusions.

During the five month trial:


Patients received blood on board


Patients 'unexpectedly survived' following the transfusion

The 'Blood on Board' technique will now be adopted on both of the charity's active aircraft, and will continue to be monitored to ensure it is working effectively.

We’re delighted to see evidence that using fresh frozen plasma alongside red blood cell transfusions, when stabilising patients with life threatening injuries, has had such a positive impact. Across the first five months of the new trial we have seen three unexpected survivors which is fantastic news.

Dr Rachel Hawes, an experienced GNAAS aircrew doctor