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Man on trial says "another person" murdered his ex-partner

Melinda Korosi was found in her home with fatal injuries by police Photo: ITV Border

A man accused of murdering his ex-partner in Carlisle has told a jury "another person" was responsible for her death.

The court heard 29-year-old Miklos Verebes was found on a landing next to Melinda Korosi, who was lying on the floor. Her multiple severe injuries included a "gaping" wound to her neck and he was covered in her blood. He said to officers: "It's too late. She's dead."

Neighbours have already told the court they saw Verebes breaking a window to enter the house, and then reported hearing a female scream.

Verebes's lawyer questioned him in court, asking whether he understood all of the charges he faces, to which he replied that he did.

"Did you murder Melinda Korosi?" Mr Gozem asked.

"No," replied Verebes.

"Did you kill Melinda Korosi?" Verebes was asked. "No," he responded.

Mr Gozem then asked: "Who did?"

Verebes replied: "Another person."

Asked whether he had ever raped Miss Korosi, Verebes told jurors: "No, I never."

Verebes has pleaded not guilty to the murder allegation, and denies three charges which allege that he raped her between 2012 and 2016.

The trial continues at Carlisle Crown Court.