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Sturgeon: Independent Scotland would 'build global partnerships'

Sturgeon says an independent Scotland would be more of a global player. Credit: PA

Independence is the best way for Scotland to make a positive contribution to the world, Nicola Sturgeon has said during a visit to the US.

She used a speech at the prestigious Stanford University to highlight the global role an independent Scotland could have, stressing it would remain an "open, outward-looking and inclusive" nation that would continue to welcome people from across the globe.

It would also seek to "build partnerships around the world", including with governments, businesses and universities, she said.

Her address took place a week after MSPs backed her call for talks to take place over a second independence referendum following the UK's vote to leave the EU - a decision which was not supported by voters in Scotland.

Sturgeon and May have clashed over the issue of independence. Credit: PA

Mrs May has insisted "now is not the time" for another ballot after Scotland decided by 55% to 45% to stay part of the Union in September 2014.

Ms Sturgeon said the Brexit vote in June 2016 posed a "fundamental question for Scotland", saying the country now faces an "exit against our will from the largest trading block in the world, at the hand of a UK Government prioritising curbs on immigration above all else".

The alternative to this is independence, with its "opportunities and challenges", she said, claiming this would give Scotland "the freedom to be an equal partner with the other nations of the UK and Europe and with countries across the world".

Nicola Sturgeon will not meet Donald Trump on her visit. Credit: PA

While Ms Sturgeon is not meeting Mr Trump during her visit to the US, she has signed a deal with leading Democrat Jerry Brown, the governor of California, to work together to tackle climate change.

She warned that if global temperatures rise by more than 1.5C, this could spark a greater movement of people than the refugee crisis brought about by the conflict in Syria.