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Council 'clarifies situation' after Windermere ferry criticism

The Windermere ferry. Credit: ITV Border
People queuing for the ferry. Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria County Council has hit back, after criticism of the ticketing system for the Windermere ferry on social media.

There was anger last year when the council installed ticket machines, which replaced ferry workers taking cash on board the boats.

It was recently announced that next Monday, 10 April, people will be able to buy tickets on board the boats once again.

That sparked a backlash on social media, with some accusing the council of a "u-turn".

The council has released a statement to clarify the situation.

Cumbria County Council would like to make clear the proposed actions to improve customers’ experience while using the Windermere Ferry.

Currently we are installing additional ticket machines on each side of Windermere to reduce the time it takes to obtain a ticket. A fixed ticket machine is also in operation on board the ferry to assist pedestrians to obtain tickets, reducing demand on the on shore ticket machines.

All of these machines take cash or card (PIN or contactless) payments. No cash purchases via our staff are possible.

During summer/autumn 2017 we will continue to improve the payment process with new purpose built machines which are user-friendly and quicker to obtain tickets from. The existing ticket machines will be reused at other sites owned by Cumbria County Council. In addition staff on board the ferry will have hand-held payment machines so ferry users can obtain a ticket while on board using card (PIN or contactless) payment, and without leaving their vehicle. No cash payments to staff will be allowed.

It is expected that the combination of these two proposals along with improved signage and information will ease the existing problems.

– Cumbria County Council statement