Cumbria Libraries join national ‘Bath, Book, Bed’ campaign

Reading a book before bedtime can improve children's sleep Credit: PA

A new campaign aimed at improving bed time routines for children by getting them to read a book before going to bed has been launched in Cumbria.

A booklet called 'Bath, Book, Bed' will be available for free to parents and carers and can be collected at libraries across the county.

The booklets includes advice on creating a regular nightly routine, which are associated with improving sleep in young children. Other benefits include:

  • earlier bedtimes

  • shorter amount of time in bed before falling asleep

  • less night-wakings

  • longer sleep duration

Regular language-based bedtime routines are associated with children’s increased sleep duration and improved cognitive skills. This includes:

  • singing

  • reading

  • storytelling

Reading to children at night can encourage their imagination, creativity and confidence.

The booklet is also available for download from the charity BookTrust's website, which also features a 'Best Bedtime Books' list.