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Flood victims 'living without basic facilities'

Paul Hendy says some flood victims have returned home, but don't have basic facilities. Credit: PA

Nearly three hundred victims of flooding in Cumbria are still out of their homes, according to the head of a local flood action group.

Paul Hendy, of the Carlisle Flood Action Group, says 298 people have not been able to return to their properties, 16 months after Storm Desmond swept through Cumbria, causing major flooding.

A flooded property. Credit: ITV Border

Mr Hendy says 95 percent of people who were flooded out have now returned to their homes.

That represents more than 5,000 people.

However, he says around ten percent of those who have returned are living in homes that haven't been fully repaired.

Some of them are living without basic facilities, like kitchen and bathroom facilities.