The Scottish Borders is an area well known for its love of horses, especially as the Common Riding season approaches.

It seems only fitting that Borders College is showcasing it's Horse Care Career course for those who want to make the jump to the equestrian world for work.

At Ian Stark's Equestrian Centre the young people get a real introduction into what it takes to properly care for horses.

"We're no longer their parents or their school teachers and they're in the big bad world and it's fascinating watching them grow."

Ian Stark OBE

The Common riding season is just around the corner in the Borders and hundreds, if not thousands of horses will be joining in on the many rideouts.

Every horse then requires a lot of care and attention and students attending the course have already got a taste of what that entails.

Around 50 students sign up to the course each year in the hope of producing better grooms for the Borders.