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Dumfries family open up about life-changing lorry crash

The Blair family Photo: ITV Border

On the 11th of July 2016, Scott Blair's life changed forever, when a journey from Dumfries to Grimsby, ended in disaster.

We were just outside of Grimsby and we stopped in the lay-by to readjust the Sat Nav, and we were hit from behind by an arctic lorry by a driver who was distracted by his mobile. He hit us that hard from behind that the lid of the boot went through the car and struck me on the back of the head which caused me two bleeds on the brain and fractures on the neck.

– Scott Blair

The lorry driver's tachograph showed he was travelling at 54 miles per hour.

The car hadn't even stopped moving and I'd ripped the car door open and flung the girls onto the grass verge. Thankfully the girls were ok. I did a quick check over and kind of realised Scott's not getting out the car, what's going on?

– Jade Blair

Scott Blair was airlifted to hospital with life threatening injuries. He was told he may never walk or talk again.

I tried to say something to Jade and I couldn't get my words out at all, everything I was saying was slurred and a stutter and slow.

10 months ago I couldn't put my socks on. I had to shout over to my wife to help me off the toilet, it was one of the hardest things ever.

– Scott Blair
Compass brain and spinal injury centre Credit: ITV Border

He spent months receiving treatment and support from Dumfries based charity Compass. They specialise in brain injuries and Scott says he'll be forever grateful to them.

That for me was the biggest help ever. Talking about something I didn't want to burden Jade with. I didn't want to burden my family with, because if I'm one hundred percent honest I was ashamed of it, I didn't speak to anybody about it.

I just walked around in a daze and buried my head in the sand. But speaking to the guys on the course and the staff - they'll happily sit down and happily tell you the same thing as a doctor, but in language I could understand.

– Scott Blair

And there was one other factor which really helped the family with their recovery... A few days after the accident, Jade was feeling unwell.

The couple had been trying for a baby, so she took a pregnancy test.

Ultrasound of their baby Teddy Credit: ITV Border

We actually found out that we were six weeks pregnant, which is absolutely incredible; because with heavy painkillers, the stress, and everything else going on that week... It was basically a miracle he survived and it was a positive that was coming out of all the negativity we had that week.

– Jade Blair

But the accident has affected the whole family, including sisters Poppy and Lily.

Lily and Teddy Blair Credit: ITV Border

Sometimes when I ask him questions he normally doesn't remember it, because most of his memories fell out of his head when he got the crack.

– Lily Blair

The driver of the lorry pled guilty to driving offences and was given nine penalty points and a £500 fine.

I really do feel disappointed, but it's done. I'll never cross paths with the man again, I'll never see him again, he'll never affect me, he'll never affect my family again.

I just pray he never affects somebody else's family as well.

– Scott blair

The family want people to think twice before picking up their mobiles whilst driving.

Please, please, please, seriously think about what you're doing and how many lives you're putting at risk, as well as your own.

All it takes is a split second to lose control of your car.

– Jade Blair
Scott Blair with his daughters Lily and Poppy Credit: ITV Border

Scott's growing stronger every day and with the support from his family. In her diary, daughter Lily wrote:

To daddy, I love you so much. Love, Lilly...

And I wrote on the back my big snuggly bear.

– Lily Blair

It's messages like that which keep Scott moving forward.