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Local council workers vote on possible strike action over pay

Union members vote on whether to take strike action Photo: PA

UNISON Scotland is urging local government workers around the country to go on strike over pay.

They say they are requesting a £1000 flat payment for council workers, contrary to the only £350 pay increase.

Union members are being asked to vote whether or not they would participate in strike action

UNISON members are clear that what is on the table is derisory considering the cuts that council workers have had to endure. The votes of our 70,000 members could affect the future earnings of nearly four times as many workers – so its crucial we make our voice heard. UNISON has fought hard for fair pay and to end pay restraint and we are recommending further industrial action. But above all we are urging UNISON members to vote.

– Mike Kirby, UNISON Scotland secretary

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities says they hope the ballot will lead to a result which can be discussed with union representatives.

In the current financial climate this is both a fair and a reasonable offer that councils, as employers, have put on the table. We fully recognise that our trade union colleagues have their processes to go through.

The ballot closes next week so this looks like a final push to get people to have their say. We hope to be back round the table with the unions after the result is known.

– COSLA spokesman

UNISON has over 4,500 members in Dumfries and Galloway alone, including NHS, council and third sector workers.