Paralysed Cumbrian plans to climb highest Welsh mountain

Will Clark's aiming high Credit: ITV Border

A cycling accident in 2012 left 32-year-old Will Clark paralysed from the neck down, but it didn't take away his love for the outdoors.

With the help of his 'GetWill Up a Hill' team and an adapted wheelchair, Will plans to climb up the highest mountain in Wales, Mount Snowdon, and there is nothing stopping him.

Will will be able to climb with the help of his team and an adapted wheelchair Credit: ITV Border

The team hope to raise £5,000 to support spinal injury charity, Back Up, also marking the 5 year anniversary of his accident

The climb is called Back Up's 'Snowdon Push' Credit: ITV Border
Will Clark is aiming to reach the top of Mount Snowdon, Wales' highest mountain Credit: ITV Border

He hopes that others that have had a similar experience will also be able to get back up and live life to the fullest.

For Will Clark and his team, the only way now, is up.