'Premier League' Roman treasures unearthed in Carlisle

Part of the Roman find at Carlisle Cricket Club Credit: ITV Border

A host of Roman treasures have been unearthed during excavation work at Carlisle Cricket Club.

The find includes a well-preserved bathhouse used by a Roman cavalry unit as well as coins, pottery and arrow heads.

Experts have described the discovery as being in the 'Premier League' of archeology.

Carlisle City Council hopes to capitalise on the historical significance of the find and use it to attract extra visitors to the area.

The excavation was being carried out as part of survey work for a proposed new pavilion.

Part of the Roman bathhouse Credit: ITV Border

The site and artefacts were put on display at the cricket ground on Friday afternoon but the remains are now being covered up with a protective membrane while decisions are made about what to do with it. All artefacts have been removed from the area after extensive excavations by the archaeology team. Hannah McNulty was given a look around the site, watch her report below: