Cumbria Police officers investigated over murder trial

Miklos Verebes was sentenced to life in prison for murdering the mother of his two children at her Carlisle home. Credit: Cumbria Police/Melinda Korosi Facebook

Two Cumbria Police officers are under investigation in relation to their actions prior to the murder of Carlisle mother, Melinda Korosi.

Ms Korosi was murdered in her Carlisle home by her ex-partner Miklos Verebes in September 2016.

Verebes was jailed for life in March this year.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission launched an investigation soon after Ms Korosi's death, looking at the contact she had with Cumbria Constabulary.

This included any actions taken to protect her welfare following reports of rape and assault.

In the murder trial on 1 March 2017, the court heard Melinda Korosi had made claims to an independent domestic violence advisor, and it was concluded she was at "very high risk".

She then made disclosures to police in an interview just six days before her death.

The officers have not been suspended and are both performing different roles within the Constabulary.