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Farms across the region open their doors to the public

Photo: Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

A number of farms across the country will be hosting an open day on Sunday, 11 June, to showcase what farming entails and what impact it has on the lives of members of the public.

The organiser, Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF), say the day is an opportunity for people to see the kind of hard work that happens behind the scenes in the industry.

Credit: Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

Modern farming is incredibly diverse and impacts on all of us - from the clothes we wear to the medicines we take and the food we eat.

Farming plays a vital part in each of our lives.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday gives us the rare opportunity to see farming in real life and to learn about the hard work, care and pride that goes into the work farmers do, which is so vital to the environment, our lives and the economy.

– Annabel Shackleton, Open Farm Sunday Manager, LEAF
Credit: Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

The first Open Farm Sunday took place in 2006 and since then over 1.8million people have attended at a farm anywhere from Cornwall in the south-west of England, to Orkney off the north-eastern coast of Scotland.

Organisers say this year, farms all over the country are again invited to take place - demonstrating the everyday work farmers do including harvesting food, and showing the latest technology they use for sustainability.