Two life-size carvings of Spanish conquistadors have been discovered at a house clearance near Ulverston.

The 19th-century wooden statues stand at just under seven-foot-tall and are believed to have been made in the Black Forest region of Germany.

They are estimated to be sold at at leat £3,000-5,000 but experts say it could easily exceed that price range depending on how unique and well-made they are.

They are a complete mystery and one that we could do with solving. We know the Victorians loved their busts and statues; everything from knights in armour, angels and lions to athletes wrestling serpents.

David Brookes, 1818 Auctioneers expert

The statues are described as bare-chested warriors wearing animal skins and a helmet. Mirroring each other, each soldier holds a club, which rests on their shoulders. The bases are decorated with animal masks and seated heraldic figures.

David Brookes describes the carvings as "detailed and skilfully done".

The auction firm are searching for people with more information.

I have asked colleagues and antique buyers for their opinions but nothing has come of it other than a bit of excitement and further speculation.

David Brookes, 1818 Auctioneers expert

The statues will be sold on Tuesday 6 June by 1818 Auctioneers, off the M6 on the Cumbria's border with Lancashire.