Businesses in the Scottish Borders are being urged to be vigilant, after fake bank notes were used in a number of transactions.

So far this month, there have been more than ten reports of counterfeit currency being used at stores in Hawick, Jedburgh and Galashiels.

Police Scotland say the notes appeared to be high quality and legitimate, and are Bank of Ireland and Bank of Ulster £20 notes, with the following serial numbers:

  • Bank of Ireland: CD975822, CB737906 and CB977561

  • Bank of Ulster: L9169401

Police want businesses in the Borders to carefully examine any Bank of Ireland or Ulster £20 notes they are offered and report any other incidents of fraudulent currency immediately.

The notes that have been passed in recent incidents have been of very good quality and as such I’m urging members of the public and local business owners to be extra vigilant and to check any paper notes that they received to ensure that they are genuine.

Detective Constable Callum Peoples from Galashiels CID