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Voting underway in Border region

Voting underway today Credit: PA

Voting is underway in the 2017 General Election.

Voters have until 10pm tonight to cast their vote with thirty-six candidates standing in eight seats in the ITV Border region. Polling stations opened at seven o'clock this morning and close at 10pm tonight.

The weather is unlikely to prove too much of a deterrent to voters, although rain is forecast to move north through the UK during the course of the day.

Election expert professor John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, said unless there was a major storm which disrupted transport links, turnout was unlikely to be affected: "We live in a country where a bit of drizzle is commonplace.”

Where and how to vote

You should have been sent a polling card, but don’t need to take that to the polling station.

If you are unsure where to go to vote, the location of your local polling station will be on the poll card or you can find it by visiting

If you had planned to use a postal vote but didn't post it you can still hand it in at your local polling station or Electoral Registration Office but that must be done by 10pm tonight.

When will we know he results

At 10pm voting should stop, followed shortly by the publication of exit polls, which indicate how the election has swung.

ITV, BBC and Sky have jointly commissioned their own exit poll, with researchers questioning thousands of people outside 144 polling stations how they have voted.

An exit poll differs from an opinion poll because it asks individuals how they actually voted, as opposed to how they intend to vote.

When the exit poll is published we should, arguably, have an indication of how the night will unfold.

Results will be announced through the night with some larger and more rural constituencies running into tomorrow morning.

Locally many councils are estimating that will declare results from around 3am.