BLOG: The voters of Scotland have spoken

Credit: Press Association
  • Blog posted at 2:50am

The voters of Scotland have spoken and we're beginning to get a feel for what it is they are saying.

It's not simple. It rarely is. But some trends are emerging.

First, the Scottish Tories share of the vote is going up substantially, even in what were once safe Labour, or latterly SNP, seats.

Second, that Labour is doing better than many people - including this writer - expected, though there was a hint of an uplift in the final polls.

Third, the SNP is definitely losing seats and losing its share of votes though we do not have the final tally yet for how many MPs it will be left with after the extraordinary 56 out of 59 it took in 2015.

Fourth, the Liberal Democrats look like they will take perhaps two more seats, up from the one they currently hold.

And in the south of Scotland, though we do not have the results in yet, it is clear that the Tories will win all three seats, taking two from the Tories.

That means the SNP's Calum Kerr will be replaced as Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk MP by the former Tory MSP John Lamont.

It also means that Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweedale will continue to be represented by David Mundell, who is currently Secretary of State for Scotland.

Finally, in Dumfries and Galloway the SNP's Richard Arkless will, like Mr Kerr, be out after just two years to be replaced by Alister Jack.

Politics is a tough old business. Both Mr Kerr and Mr Arkless were regarded as hard-working representatives.

And already we can see the lines the parties are going to take.The SNP will claim they have 'won' the election, and with the largest number of seats, that will be true.

The SNP will also say that this is the second best Westminster performance. And that too will be factually true.

However, their opponents say this will take the wind out of the sales of the campaign for independence.

For the Tories they will point to their vote share, which is up, and claim their anti-indyref2 campaign has paid off.

However, there will be a number of seats where they might just lose but not by much, which will be frustrating for them.

Labour will say that reports of their party's death were exaggerated, but don't forget this is the party that once dominated Scotland.

They will be far from dominant at the end of tonight, but their morale will be boosted.

The Lib Dems, well any increase in seats is good for them and it looks as if they'll get at least three, up from the one they had.