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Water company apologises for popping kettles

Popping sounds have been heard from kettles across west Cumbria Credit: Science Museum

Hundreds of people have been alarmed by the sound of popping coming from their kettles after a change to the water supply in west Cumbria.

Many took to social media to complain with some expressing fears of a health risk. Some have stopped using tap water and others assumed there was a fault with their kettles.

But United Utilities today reassured consumers that the water was safe to drink.

Here is what the popping sounds like in this video from viewer Cheryl Corlett:

This is how the water company has to say about the issue:

We are aware of reports of a popping noise from kettles when being boiled in parts of West Cumbria and we would like to apologise to customers if this has caused concern.

Customers in the Copeland Area may have noticed a slight change in their water supply in the last couple of weeks. This is due to us blending water from Ennerdale, which is soft, with harder water from boreholes near Egremont.

Our regular water samples show that despite the popping noises the water supply meets all water quality standards.

The popping noise can be explained by tiny bubbles forming and collapsing as the water boils and is due to the slightly harder water.

Blending water from different sources is absolutely safe to do and we have been blending these water supplies for a while but have recently increased the proportion from the boreholes further than before.

It’s all part of the short term aim to balance the amount of water we take from Ennerdale to protect local wildlife, whilst continuing to meet the demands of the local community.

Abstracting water from Ennerdale will completely stop in the long term once the new £300 million pipeline linking West Cumbria to Thirlmere Reservoir is complete

– United Utilities spokesman