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Locals invited to join community toilet scheme

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Residents and businesses in the south of Scotland have been invited to get involved in a community toilet scheme.

The Scottish Borders Council aim to create a network of community toilet facilities as part of its public conveniences review.

The first phase includes the introduction of a 30p charge at 27 of the 41 public toilets managed by the council.

The charging units will be installed throughout June.

The second phase, which is currently on-going, involves the council engaging with local groups, businesses and others interested in organising a comfort scheme or community partnership.

We are really keen to engage with community councils, local groups, businesses and others in the community who are interested in getting involved in either a comfort scheme or community partnership.

By providing a valuable service to your local community, you will receive positive publicity with your facility being advertised on SBC’s website and on social media.

It could also potentially provide more trade for your business or facility through people using the toilet then going on to buy products from you.

If involved in a comfort scheme, there would be a regular payment from the Council, while a community partnership could generate income by charging for usage of its facility.

– Councillor Sandy Aitchison, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Locality Services, Scottish Borders Council

A comfort scheme is described as a third party, such as a hotel, pub, shop, village hall or public building; offer its toilet facilities to the public for free.

Such an arrangement is already in place in a pub and amusement arcade in Eyemouth and in several other Scottish council areas.

A community partnership, where a community group looks after a public toilet, has already proved successful in Coldingham and four other Scottish council areas.