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Woman fined for trying to steal her own takeaway order

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A Carlisle woman who tried to steal her own £21 takeaway meal has been landed with a £310 court bill.

Jane Kirkpatrick, 28, ordered a cheeseburger, cigarettes and drink from the city's Top Stop outlet in Botchergate.

But when a driver brought the supplies to her Greta Avenue home, on the night of April 19, she grabbed his jacket and tried to take the goods without paying.

At Carlisle Crown Court today, Kirkpatrick pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted theft.

Judge Barbara Forrester heard Kirkpatrick's lawyer admit that her criminal plan was "bound to fail", and also that she was a "regular" Top Stop customer.

Kirkpatrick was fined £200, and ordered to pay £80 costs and a £30 surcharge.

"Delivery drivers are vulnerable," said Judge Forrester. "They are entitled to protection from the court."