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Local residents invited to share flood protection ideas

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The Environment Agency are inviting people to take part in drop-in sessions in order to help them decide which flood protection ideas should go ahead.

However, many residents, including Susan Sowerby whose home was flooded during Storm Desmond, say they don't want another consultation, but instead want to see flood defences being built.

Susan Sowerby Credit: ITV Border

We've had another winter since we've been really badly flooded why hasn't something been done yet? We're creeping towards winter again and if nothing starts they'll say it's too full to do anything again so it'll be another winter before anything's done. We've been asked over and over again what we want to be done, they keep coming and they don't tell us anything different, so it seems a bit of a waste of time.

– Susan Sowerby, Appleby

A lot of farmers every year have always dredged out in the past, they don't seem to do that and I think that's important - they should listen to the locals

– Lisa Gregory, Appleby Pre-Loved Shop
Appleby Credit: ITV Border

The following drop-in sessions will be taking place over the coming week:

  • Cockermouth (Lower Derwent and West) at Christ Church, June 30, 3-8pm
  • Carlisle (Lower Eden) At Greystone Community Centre on July 4 and The Sands Centre on 6, both 3-8pm
  • Kendal (Kent and Leven) at the Assembly Room, Kendal Town Hall July 7, 3-8pm.

We've got things that look at upstream management measures, strengthening defences which might happen more in the urban areas, in the towns, looking at ongoing maintenance, so how do we maintain our assets and other people look at their assets.

We need to make sure that what we do decreases flood risk because the worst thing would be to do something that made it worse. We've got to make sure it's economically feasible, so do we have the money for paying for that option?

It's got to be environmentally sustainable because we don't want to damage the environment and it also has to be acceptable to the local population. And I think the Environment Agency have to recognise that we can't fix that problem on our own, there are places in the county where we have built flood defences and yet there are still more that need to be done.

– Amy Heys, The Environment Agency