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Councillors asked to review controversial ferry ticket machines

Photo: PA

Councillors are being asked to review the controversial ferry ticket machines at Windermere.

The machines, installed in June 2016, were described as going to "improve efficiency" and "benefit all ferry users", but locals and visitors have complained, saying the system is a struggle to use.

Windermere Councillor, Ben Berry will submit a motion to Cumbria County Council to review the ticket machines.

The Council urgently needs to rethink the Ferry Ticket Machines. They are a complete waste of money and are a significant detriment to what was and should be a wonderful asset for our Community. The Council can no longer stick its head in the sand and ignore common sense.

– Ben Berry, Councillor, Windermere

Ferry users currently have to buy tickets and have them checked prior to boarding, which they say makes the ferry's varying departure times unreliable.

The full motion:

The Council acknowledges that the Windermere Ferry is not only a fantastic asset for the people of Windermere but also the wider County and the many visitors we receive each year. However, the newly installed Windermere Ferry Ticket Machines have proven to be a less than favourable customer experience.

We recognise the need to undertake a member led review into the current ferry operations with the key aims of identifying a payment solution which is swift, secure, and available on board whilst also safeguarding the income which the Ferry generates

– Full motion

A full council meeting will be taking place today, Thursday 29 June at 11.30am, where the motion will be presented and discussed.