TB discovered in badgers in Cumbria for the first time

Investigations in Cumbria are ongoing Credit: PA

The animal disease, Bovine TB, has been discovered in badgers in Cumbria for the first time.

The government's Animal and Plant Health Agency has been investigating outbreaks of bovine TB among cattle on 16 farms in the Shap and Penrith areas.

Badgers have now also been found to be affected in the same areas where cattle have caught the disease.

Over the last few years 16 farms in Cumbria have been affected, with many cows having to be put down.

The spread of the disease is mostly from cattle to cattle, but badgers have also been suspected of adding to the problem as they move around farm land.

In the south west of England government sanctioned culls of badgers have taken place to try to stop any further spread.

Farms in the affected area will be subject to extra movement restrictions on their animals to try to stop any further outbreaks.

Investigations into the source of the outbreaks in Cumbria and how much the disease has spread are ongoing.