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Award-winning painter seeks Cumbrian artists to help create his latest piece

Lawrence Coulson has earned several Fine Art Trade Guild awards Photo: Treeby & Bolton

An award-winning painter is giving artists in Cumbria the the chance to help him create his next piece of art this bank holiday weekend.

55-year-old Lawrence Coulson, based in Lincolnshire, is to set up his easel and pallet at the Treeby & Bolton Gallery & Café in Keswick.

He is inviting people to come forward and add their own brushstrokes to the blank panel.

The self-taught landscape specialist failed O-level art at school, but his original paintings now sell for thousands.

His work has earned him several Fine Art Trade Guild awards.

This visit will be the only Cumbrian date on a UK tour to fit with the release of a collection of six signed limited edition prints called A Darker Light.

Sparkle Bay - one of the signed limited edition prints from A Darker Light Credit: Treeby & Bolton

Lawrence Coulson says his work has moved grown men to tears:

I've turned up the volume on the colour so it almost jumps off the walls. The pieces are very atmospheric.

I got a grade D for art at O-level but maybe I wasn't that motivated back then. And if I had done better and gone to art college, I probably wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now. They're all doing digital media or digital art.

I'll invite people to have a go at painting with me. It adds a bit of theatre and gets people involved. I won't get anywhere near finishing the piece but I'll take it back to the studio and if they are keen, they can buy it as their own piece of work. At every show so far this summer, the piece I have done in the gallery has sold to a person who has worked on it."

– Lawrence Coulson, Award-winning painter

Lawrence Coulson will be at the Treeby & Bolton Gallery & Café on Saturday from 12pm to 4pm.