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Hundreds attend Patterdale Sheepdog Show

Flint the sheepdog works the sheep Photo: ITV News Border

Hundreds of people have attended the 114th Patterdale Sheepdog Show.

It's a rural tradition that's still important in local farming, but even more important for tourism.

"So it's a big community thing really, it's just you know farming's in dire enough straights as it is so it's just the tourists, you know it's a bank holiday weekend and people just come and stop in the Lake District and obviously want a you know a traditional Lakeland Show."

– Kevin Jackson, Patterdale Sheepdog Show
This is Flint and Arthur's third sheep dog show of the day Credit: ITV News Border

The sheepdog trials are the main event, with competitors like Flint, whon was on his third sheep dog trial of the day.

He started in Haydon Bridge in the morning, Dufton by lunchtime, and Patterdale for the afternoon. All with his West Cumbrian farmer Arthur Temple.

"The main thing is straight lines and tight turns so your dog has to run out well, pick the sheep up, and then fetch them down in a straight line and then back to the pen."

– Arthur Temple, Farmer
Arthur Temple works several dogs at the show Credit: ITV News Border

As well as working dog shows, there's now a pet show, which was very well attended.

The winner was 16-month old blue merl border collie Skye, who belongs to Jodie Grayson from Merseyside.

Skye won best pet at the show Credit: ITV News Border

"I do a bit of obedience at home and stuff like that so I wanted to try it out and see what she was like at a show. I thought she was going to sniff the floor and stuff like that but she was quite well behaved."

– Jodie Grayson, age 13 from Merseyside
13-year old Jodie has trained her collie to do tricks Credit: ITV News Border