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Romantic graduates get engaged in room where they met six years ago

Sealed with a kiss Credit: UoC

A University of Cumbria graduate proposed to his college girlfriend in the same room where they first met six years ago.

Tom Foy spent months preparing to surprise Becky Butcher and secretly set out candles and messages in the student room.

Tom, 25, blindfolded Becky, 24, before taking her back to the room Becky lived in at the University of Cumbria’s Carrock halls, Fusehill Street, Carlisle.

Tom said: “It was Becky’s birthday and I really wanted to surprise her. We came up to Carlisle and stayed overnight as we were booked into a spa the following day.

“First thing the next morning, I arranged to get into Becky’s old room to decorate it. I had to blindfold Becky as I knew she’d work out what was going on if she saw where we were going.”

“The second she took off her blindfold, she knew what was happening” Credit: UoC

The couple first got together in 2011, whilst they were in their first year at the Fusehill Street campus. Tom was studying for a BA in Sports Development and Coaching and Becky, a BA in Policing, Criminology and Investigation.

“I couldn’t of thought of anywhere more perfect to be proposed to than where we first met” Credit: UoC

Originally from Birmingham and Spennymoor, Durham respectively, the happy couple now reside in Pontefract, Yorkshire. Tom works for Doncaster Rovers Football Club in their Youth Engagement Programme and Becky is a Victim Support Care Officer for Victim Support, West Yorkshire.

Tom contacted Jan Carruthers, the accommodation officer at the university’s halls of residence to arrange access to the room in the months prior to the proposal.

She said, “It was certainly a first, however, I love surprises and was immediately on board with Tom’s request. He was very organised so we made sure the coast was clear when he arrived with Becky blindfolded.

“We had a card and a bottle of fizz ready for them should Becky say ‘yes’! Of course, a very relieved Tom came back to tell us she had. It was so exciting to play a small part in their special day and it is lovely to see how happy and successful they have both gone on to be since leaving university.”

Tom and Becky have no immediate plans to get wed but Becky has expressed a desire to get married abroad.

The happy couple Credit: UoC