6-year-old Kendal schoolboy completes 100 mile running challenge for charity

6-year-old Lucas Baldwin ran a mile a day for 100 days Credit: Alzheimer’s Research UK

A Kendal schoolboy has completed a 100 mile running challenge to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

6-year-old Lucas Baldwin ran a mile a day for 100 days.

He was inspired to complete the run as part of an initiative at his school, Heron Hill.

His mum, Lesley Archer-Baldwin, suggested he should use the opportunity to raise money for charity.

Lucas chose Alzheimer’s Research UK because his grandmother has the disease.

He ran in all kinds of weather conditions to complete his challenge.

The final mile was around his school grounds on the last day of term.

This includes a £600 donation from Lakeland, where his mum works:

Around 4% of people with Alzheimer’s are under 65.

It is the most common cause of early-onset dementia.

Symptoms can include:

  • memory problems

  • confusion

  • changes in personality and behaviour

  • language and visual problems

Lucas’s grandmother and Lesley’s mum, Sue Archer, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s around five years ago, aged only 59:

Despite her symptoms, Sue has a close relationship with Lucas Credit: Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: